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Oct 8, 2012 2:00am PDT
she was this incredible life force. and she had all this energy, positive energy. so every time it came around to the criminal trial, i thought please god let somebody find a way back to letting people know how wonderful she was. >> that special light of shelley tyre, dearly missed by so many who knew her. was her husband david swain responsible for taking it from the world? or was he an innocent man whose private ways had made a tragic accident only look like murder? a jury in a tortola courtroom would soon decide. but not before david swain himself took the stand to answer questions from his island attorney. >> mr. swain, when you went on the dive with shelley tyre on that 12th of march of 1999, did you kill shelley tyre? >> i did not, could not, would not dream of taking the rock of my life out of the world. that's just -- no, i did not. >> did you in any way during the course of that dive deprive shelley tyre of air? >> the last thing in the world is i would deprive shelley of anything. i certainly didn't of air. >> then it was the prosecution's turn. >> you held her down. >> i
Oct 1, 2012 2:00am PDT
to help other people, so i should do that. and i can. it gives me energy. it gives me hope. and i need lots of hope right now. >> for claim and payment status, press two. >> but suddenly a new crisis is brewing. >> the balance remaining on your claim is zero dollars. thank you for calling the colorado unemployment insurance offices. good-bye. >> diane's unemployment benefits have seemed to run out a month before expected. she calls the case manager. >> she says well, you've run out hun. she called me sweetie and was chomping on gum. she said you should have paid better attention to things. >> there's just one month left on the family's rental assistance. >> are you guys willing to consider an additional month or is that a no? >> i can't promise. more things are either going to have to be cut back or find other ways to supplement your income. with the unemployment running out. eight months of assistance have been, i think, a lot. and i haven't really seen as many changes for moving forward as i guess i expected. >> right. okay. >> our caseworker kind of confronted me and said you h
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2